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Injector Service/Flow Testing
Injector Service/Flow Testing
Injector Service/Flow Testing
Injector Service/Flow Testing
Injector Service/Flow Testing
Injector Service/Flow Testing

Injector Service/Flow Testing


Testimonials: You guy are so helpful.  The turn around on my injector service was 7 day from door back to my door. Awsome communication.  I couldn't have been happier.  I will be buying new injectors from you in the future. Thank you very much. -SEP Injector Service customer McGyver496

Injector Servicing is something that should be done regularly for all high horsepower builds. ESPECIALLY when using Ethanol containing fuels. Ethanol can attract water and pull it into your fuel, then the new water/alcohol mix separates from the gasoline and forms a highly corrosive compound that settles to the bottom of the tank. This Water/Ethanol Blend is notorious for corroding even the best metals.

Almost ALL of today's modern fuels contain some percentage of Ethanol. Each time your vehicle sits for prolonged periods of time with an Ethanol containing fuel a small amount of damage can occur.

Sometimes fuels can leave behind nasty residue, affecting injector characteristics, lowering performance, preventing sealing which leads to leaks and altered flow rates.

After Purchase, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FORM: Customer_Slip.docx

Injector Service includes: Ultrasonic Bath while injectors are ran through various duty cycles in order to fully clean and lubricate internals; Replace Non-Serviceable Filters/O-rings; Re-Flow, Characterize and build full "Injector DNA" report which includes: Offsets at 13.8v & 43psi, Static and Dynamic Flow Rates (cc/min and lb/hr), Injector Offset/Deadtime Graph, Injector Duty vs Flow Graph.

Additionally, each Injector will be marked so that each injectors specific data will be known to YOU for placement according to each cylinder preferences.

This service is seen by SEP as a means of renewing our already high customer confidence, ensuring longevity and maintaining our relationship with customers and the community beyond the point of sale.

I want you to have the utmost confidence in your fuel system components when you go to turn that key for the first time next season or if you simply want to tighten that set up and you have a week to two weeks to spare.

SEP shoots for a 7 day turn-around time but when order volumes are highest wait times may be slightly longer. If there is a necessary return date please let us know.

After Purchase, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FORM: Customer_Slip.docx

Follow the instructions on the form, package your injectors with this form and your invoice for purchase of the Injector Service.

$118.99 flat rate is for a maximum of 8 injectors and does not inlcude your choice of return shipping.

Flowing decaps or "grab bag injectors" and matching into sets will require an additional charge ($29 per 4), which is selected from the drop down menu.

You must add one full $118.99 service to your cart and then add as many $29.99 additional 4's as you need.


Any injector(s) that is/are out of 1% flow specification will be REPLACED at no cost to you, so that you, get your set back within our NEW/CURRENT promised specification. If your injectors have been sitting, getting abused or anything in between, let SEP go through them and make sure they’re ready to go.

You will receive the full report with the injectors and a copy will be saved in the SEP database for future reference.

This is ESPECIALLY big for folks who bought sets when SEP sold unmatched bulk injectors or sold them with up to 3% variance as you can now receive a tighter variance set and a full injector DNA report as well as have more detailed data on file for any future use at a VERY low cost.

The replacement of Non-serviceable o-rings and filters will be only done if absolutely needed and will NOT BE charged in addition to the service.

Older generations of SEP injectors will be replaced with new SEP cores.