When it comes to fuel injectors it can be hard to make sense of all the different kinds and types available. EV1, EV6, and EV14 fuel injectors. LS1 type and LS2 type. As well as high and low impedance injectors. It can be very confusing to determine what you need. Especially when trying to build a custom racing machine or bump up your vehicle’s horsepower.

In this article, we define EV1, EV6, and EV14 injectors, the meanings of their titles, and the difference between them. So buckle up!

What do EV1, EV6, and EV14 mean when it comes to fuel injectors?

EV1, EV6, and EV14 refer to Bosch’s designated fuel injector body styles. These styles of fuel injectors can have different connectors and flow rates.

Practically, no one directly refers to EV14 injectors despite the fact they’re most widely used and manufactured. Typically, people refer to EV1 and EV6 fuel injectors based on the plug or connector type. However, these body styles are not exclusively associated with one connector type.

Practically speaking, “EV” represents the generation of engineering that EV1 and EV6 stem from. Fundamentally, EV1 is the original Bosch fuel injector. However, you cannot find this generation of injectors today, except in retrofitting older vehicles.

That said, if an injector has the length of original EV1 injectors, you can classify it as an EV1 fuel injector.

The differences in fuel injector body styles.

EV1 Fuel Injectors

You may have heard about EV1 fuel injectors as “fat” body-style fuel injectors. You can find these styles of injectors on classic Mustang models. The EV1 fuel injectors are old school and come with Minitimer or Jetronic connectors usually.

EV6 Fuel Injectors

Later down the line, EV6 fuel injectors managed to replace EV1 fuel injectors. The evolution of fuel injectors has come a long way and EV1, EV6, and E14 represent a shared and interconnected history.

Visually, the EV6 fuel injector has almost the same height as the EV1 fuel injector. However, the body of the EV6 fuel injector is slicker and narrower than the EV1 fuel injector. Unlike EV1, EV6 is relatively modern and comes with water resistant USCAR plug. USCAR plug-equipped fuel injectors are 34mm in length. 

EV14 Fuel Injectors

The EV14 fuel injector is the third body style and is shorter than EV6 and even EV1 fuel injectors. In fact, E14 fuel injectors have an ultra-slim body. EV14 represents the current generation of fuel injectors and is the most advanced Bosch injector available in the market. 

EV14 injectors are commonly referred to as EV6 fuel injectors. It might seem strange, but there is a lack of standardization of products that are sold in the injector industry. However, it has become a standard approach that allows end users to measure performance easily.  

The most common connector types for fuel injectors.

We've mentioned connector types. But what are they and how do they affect a fuel injector?

The two most common plugs or connector styles for fuel injectors are the Jetronic/Minitimer (EV1) and the USCAR (EV6). They are named based on their housing shape and the type of prongs they use to connect.

Jetronic/Minitimer connectors are found on some older vehicles, as well as some Audi, VW, and BMW applications. USCAR is the standard way these injectors plug into an aftermarket ECU. These injectors plug into the injector driver circuit which is a ground-triggered relay commanded by the engine control unit

When shopping for fuel injectors, you will want to take note of the connector type to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle. If you're not sure, you can always check with the manufacturer or your local mechanic.

What is a Jetronic fuel injector connector?

Jetronic is a trade name from Bosch, originally coined for its monopoly in the automotive electronic fuel injection (EFI) market in the 1970s. The Jetronic system was used on inline-four cylinder, carbureted engines with mechanical distributors and between one and four carburetors. Jetronic was superseded by the development of electronic engine management (EEM) systems. 

What is a USCAR fuel injector connector?

USCAR is the standard connector type for fuel injectors. USCAR stands for "Uniformed Services Connector, Automotive Receptacle". It is a common connector type for many aftermarket fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector sizes and flow rates

Many times people will refer to the flow rate of a fuel injector as its size. This is confusing because they are not talking about the actual dimensions of the injector. They are referring to the flow rate.  The flow rate determines how much fuel can be delivered in a certain amount of time. This is important to know because it will affect how much power you can make.

Flow rates are measured in cc's per minute (cc/min) or pounds per hour (lb/hr). This is one of the most critical determining factors when designing your build, but it can be confused with the other metrics of fuel injectors. 

EV6 injectors are used in Gasoline and Diesel Engines.

Today, EV6 fuel injectors are used in mostly gasoline-based engines. However, EV6 injectors are also used in traditional diesel engines. EV6 injectors are designed to ensure a consistent and stable flow of fuel across the engine.

Are EV6 and EV14 Injectors High Impedance?

Bosch EV6 and E14 are high impedance fuel injectors that use the newest technology.  These injectors have a higher flow rate and can support over 2000hp depending on the flow rate. The USCAR connector is the standard way these injectors plug into an ECU. Jetronic/Minitimer connectors are found on some older vehicles, as well as some Audi, VW, and BMW applications.

The biggest difference between high and low-impedance fuel injectors is the resistance to current. Low impedance injectors have a coil of wire around the body that reduces the resistance. High impedance injectors do not have this feature, so they rely on the ECU to provide more voltage to overcome the resistance.

It is important to know which type of fuel injector your ECU is compatible with because it will not work with the wrong type. Most aftermarket ECUs can run either high or low impedance injectors, but some are limited to one or the other.


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