Snake Eater 1500cc Injectors are once again SOLD OUT and will remain sold out until late August. Please see our Fuel Injector Calculator (Technical Data page) or customer service email to determine if another size is appropriate for your build.
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Technical Data for SEP Products

Fuel Injector Calculator

Helps answer: "What injectors do I need?"
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Injector Characterization and ECU Specific Data


MORE COMING SOON!!! Full P/N list will be complete by Winter 2019.

 Injector Testing is being performed by Greg Banish, from Calibrated Success:
About Greg and Calibrated Success: Greg's background is that of an automotive calibration engineer with extensive background in boosted gasoline engines, system controls, and hybrid vehicle systems. Greg is an experienced speaker who travels the globe to teach high performance engine calibration. -

Injector characteristic data


Tuning Help For SEP Injectors

Terminator X Tunes

Terminator X "Safe Base" Tunes are intended to get your car up and running and into the learning phase (yours and your ECU's). They may be seem perfect but use with caution until all parameters have been double checked. Thanks to 918 Motorsports, Kevin Robinson (HoneyBadgerOBS IG/FB/Youtube) and Matt Happel (Sloppy Mechanics (Youtube), LSXBobRoss, Denmah, (FB/Youtube).
Below are some base tunes for SEP Injectors made by trusted Tuners such as Matt from Sloppy Mechanics, Nick Noble, Cesar Enriquez "CZAR" and "Starvin'" Marvin
ECU P59_210lb race
HPT 1000cc 5.3 Turbo
Tune Cabinet, search here for a base tune from other SEP injected vehicles