Fuel Injector Calculator

Helps answer: "What injectors do I need?"
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Injector End Angle Calculator

This will help get a large injector on smaller displacement engines (LS included) to idle low and smooth on Holley ECU's. Thanks to Allan Simonson (Not compatible with mobile devices)


Injector Characterization and ECU Data

Tuning data will be available for download after purchase.

if there are any technical issues, please email:


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 Injector Testing and Characterization is performed by Greg Banish, Calibrated Success inc.:
About Greg and Calibrated Success: Greg's background is that of an automotive calibration engineer with extensive background in boosted gasoline engines, system controls, and hybrid vehicle systems. Greg is an experienced speaker who travels the globe to teach high performance engine calibration. Visit his website @ https://detroit-technical-media.myshopify.com/pages/about-us

Tuning Help For SEP Injectors

Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet: full of SEP injected rides, HPT, Holley etc.