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The Complete Guide To Designing And Building An Awesome Fuel System For Your Car!

It’s a 59-page e-book – and it’s FREE!

Shoot us your email address and we’ll send you a free copy of "How to Design and Build Your High Horsepower Fuel System," right to your inbox! This is the only complete fuel system guide meant to walk you through the basics of designing your fuel system.

Snake Eater Performance created this 59-page e-book to help beginner and intermediate DIY mechanics tackle one of the most complex and overwhelming subjects when building a race car or doing an EFI engine swap – getting your fuel system right!

It’s a 59-page e-book – and it’s FREE!

Everything you need to know about fuel systems!

In this info-packed e-book, we cover it all:

  • Determining your fuel needs (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption)

  • Fuel line diameter

  • Fuel pump size

  • Fuel pump style 

  • Fuel pump quantity

  • Fuel injector flow

  • Fuel injector style

  • Fuel injector plug types

  • Fuel injector impedance

  • Fuel filters

  • Fuel cell vs fuel tank

  • Fuel line schematics

  • Scratch-building fuel systems 

"How to Design and Build Your High Horsepower Fuel System" has diagrams and lists to help you figure out which fittings you'll need for your fuel system. It also shows you how to create a "hybrid" OEM/aftermarket fuel system by re-using most of your old fuel system with a few new parts – letting you support massive power on a low budget!

Wait, there's more...

This great e-book also includes YouTube video links, parts dealer links, links to internet forum write-ups, and a worksheet that will help you figure out your exact fuel system requirements – using SEP-proven techniques, not witchcraft!

Save time and money by doing it right the first time

Don't waste your time ordering the wrong parts and then having to return them. Grab your copy of "How to Design and Build Your High Horsepower Fuel System" now – it’s your ticket to designing and building your own fuel system with confidence.