Snake Eater 1500cc Injectors are once again SOLD OUT and will remain sold out until late August. Please see our Fuel Injector Calculator (Technical Data page) or customer service email to determine if another size is appropriate for your build.
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Warranty Information

1 year no questions asked replacement, send’em back and if It was our fault we replace. Lifetime replacement against manufacturing defects

We know you work hard for your money, 'cuz we work hard for ours. That’s why we offer 1 year, no questions asked replacement or refund and we’ll reimburse you for return shipping if it’s a manufacturers defect. After one year, send them back and if it’s a manufacturers defect that lead to a shortened life, we’ll replace them at no cost to you, and within a reasonable time. Most companies say 4-6 weeks, we shoot for under 4 day turn around. That means less down time for your vehicle.

Having Issues? Head over to the Contact page and send us an e-mail. We try to respond within an hour, please be aware that we are operating in Hawaiian Standard Time.