Tech Support & Tuning Help Center

If you are looking for specific answers to your technical and tuning questions, you are in the right place! Whether you need to find the right injectors, figure out the end angle, or need some tuning help, we are here to support you. We’ll also respond to your emails on technical issues sent to

Fuel Injector Calculator

If you’re not sure which fuel injectors are right for your build, just download our handy Excel file, enter your horsepower goal and some other details, and get an answer! (Sorry, this won’t work on a mobile device.)

(click image to download fuel injector calculator)

Injector End Angle Calculator

This is the ticket for getting smaller displacement engines equipped with large injectors (including the LS) to idle low and smooth when using a Holley ECU. It also can give you improved throttle response, more horsepower, and better fuel economy! (This will not work on a mobile device, sorry.)

(click image to download injector end angle calculator)

Injector Characterization & ECU Data

You will get a download link to your tuning data on your order confirmation page and also by email, once that your payment has been processed. These customized Excel spreadsheets are created for us by Calibrated Success Inc., a top engineering firm. With this data, your ECU will learn everything it needs to know about its new Snake Eater Performance fuel injectors, making it much easier for your engine to perform at its best!

Tuning Help For SEP Injectors

Take a peek inside our Sloppy Mechanics Tune Cabinet! You may know our main influencer, Matt Happel, from the Sloppy Mechanics YouTube channel and Facebook group. Matt has compiled a huge storage database (called the Tune Cabinet) for the ECU tunes he has created for many different builds. Because Matt has probably already built something similar to your project, this info can give you an awesome head start – most of the work has already been done for you!

(click image to access the Tune Cabinet)

Technical Issues? Email Us!

We stand behind our stuff, so please reach out to us at anytime you need technical support. Please include your name, purchase invoice number, and product type. We’re here to help!