Snake Eater Performance inc was started in 2018 when a Special Forces Soldier and Car Guy, was dissatisfied with the lack of affordable options in the performance fuel injection market.
Shortly after discovering this and the findings being confirmed through personal experiences, SEP was formed. Seeking to serve fellow car guys and gals, Brad the founder set out to find Fuel System Engineers and Manufacturers to help him build just that.
It was immediately apparent that the "Direct from Manufacturer" business model was basically non existent in the EFI and Injectors world.

This would immediately save the customer 30-50% off retail!!!!

Next was the warranty!
So many folks buy car parts and don't even get to install them before the warranty is up!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!
Direct from Manufacturer and a Lifetime Warranty. BOOM! The foundation of SEP was born!
Since Mid-2018 SEP has sold MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of SEP products (mainly fuel injectors) and has thousands of happy customers!
(One day worth of orders after a restock of 1500's ^^)
Originally selling unmatched, bulk injectors allowing car guys and gals to choose their own flow rates and flow match for their budget. SEP quickly realized most folks needed the added benefit and confidence of a professionally flow matched set of injectors and calibration data.
(Flow report included with each set of injectors^^)
That's when SEP chose ASNU inc. a Global Leader in Fuel Injector diagnostics; to build us the best injector testing machinery with external computer, software and power source to control with incredible precision. This allowed SEP to begin offering not only a flow matching service but also data acquisition and filing for future reference! YES! if you have an issue with one injector we can pull your data from our database and send you an EXACT replica of that injector, minimizing down time and getting you back to having fun!

( 3 of SEP’s ASNU based work stations^^)
In January 2020, Snake Eater Performance was already performing at the top of the market but was SKYROCKETED into the top 5 injector brands when Holley performance reached out to collaborate with SEP to pre-load SEP injector data into their brand new Terminator X ECU's!!
In 2021 SEP was YET AGAIN shown to be a force to be reckoned with when Bosch Performance Aftermarket awarded SEP the opportunity to Collaborate on a "Premium" line of injectors and Fuel Pumps, Made in Germany like few others.
(SEP's Premium Bosch based GB line^^)
Snake Eater Performance continues to strive for top notch service to the industry and perfection in all we do. Snake Eater Performance is proud to serve the best folks on the planet! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have! (808) 262-5928