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Performance Fuel Pumps | Racing & Daily Drivers

Are you looking for a performance fuel pump that can handle both racing and daily driving? Are you ready for a fuel system upgrade? Then you'll want to check out our selection of pumps and kits that are designed for both competition and street use. We've got a variety of brands and models to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs and a top-grade fuel system. Whether you're looking for top-of-the-line performance or just want a reliable pump that won't let you down, we've got you covered. So browse our selection of kits and find the perfect pump for your car today. Get your wheels spinning and enjoy the ride!

Why you need a performance fuel pump

Stop settling for factory horsepower and get the gains you're looking for with our fuel pump kits. It will deliver more fuel to your engine and make sure it gets the correct amount to support even your most extreme upgrades. Whether you're looking to add horsepower, modify your fuel system or install aftermarket components, a quality fuel pump is essential for the high-performance vehicle of your dreams. With pumps available for any application, you can trust that you'll have the reliable injection of fuel and ultimately experience improvements in acceleration, horsepower, and overall power output from your engine. Upgrade now and start achieving your goals!

Bosch Fuel Pumps- a leader of the Industry!

Bosch is one of the leading fuel pump brands in the automotive industry, and for good reason. Bosch pumps are designed to provide superior flow rate and power output, making them an ideal choice for racing and extreme performance applications. Their pumps are also designed with durability in mind so they can withstand even the toughest conditions. In addition, their pumps are easy to install and fit a variety of vehicles, so you can be sure that they'll fit your vehicle without any issues. Make the upgrade today and experience the performance difference!

MagnaFuel 750 series - Supports up to 2,000hp

The MagnaFuel Pro Tuner 750 Series Inline Full Pumps are the ultimate performance fuel pumps for any enthusiast. This powerful pump has a flow rate of up to 2,000hp, making it perfect for racing and extreme performance applications. It's designed for durability and reliability, with a heavy-duty construction that ensures long-lasting performance. The pump also has an integrated bypass valve, which makes installation and setup much easier. Get the most out of your engine when you upgrade to a MagnaFuel 750 series fuel pump today!

How to pick the right one for your needs

When deciding on the best fuel pump for your needs, you want to make sure that it is both reliable and powerful. A flow rate of GPH (gallons per hour) or LPH (liters per hour) is important when determining the right one. Bosch, MagnaFuel, are brands that offer flow rates that meet specific needs and are known to be reliable. When selecting the best fuel pump, the flow rate is only one of many indicators to look at when making your decision; other important considerations are size, necessary power input requirements, fitment availability, and durability of the product. We have both in-tank fuel pump and inline fuel pump options for those looking to build an extreme racing machine or just add a little power to their daily commute. Fuel System efficiency is extremely important. You want to make sure that everything is running in harmony. And your engine is getting the right amount of fuel based on the other components of your vehicle.

Installation tips and tricks

Installation of hoses, fuel lines, and fuel filters can be a daunting task for even the heightened DIYer. But don't let that deter you from a successful setup - there are tips and tricks to make sure your work holds fast. Understand how hoses and line assemblies need to be clamped at both ends for efficient and lasting connections. And when joining hoses together keep in mind the flow rate per each connection you'll be using in order to ensure the proper fitment is used throughout your outfitting process. With diligence your installation will be reliable and will provide dependable performance for years to come! And don't forget a fuel pressure regulator.

How to get the most out of your new fuel pump

If you're looking to get the most out of your new fuel pump, you'll want to select the right flow rate for your engine's requirements and make sure all wires are properly connected. Don't forget to run your hoses safely, too - this is important not just for protecting the hose material itself but also to ensure maximum performance. Finally, consider upgrading your fuel injectors to match the pump so that you can unlock the full capability of your engine. Remember, if you don't do it right, you'll have wasted both time and money in vain. So what are you waiting for? Get pumped up and get ready to motor!

FAQs about performance fuel pumps

When it comes to performance fuel pumps, the in-tank and in-line varieties are both worth considering. An in-tank pump is typically lower in cost and is suited for applications with moderate fuel delivery demand. An in-line pump is electrically powered and capable of higher delivery rates in the form of gallons per hour or liters per hour which makes them ideal for high-output demand applications. Many manufacturers offer universal fuel pump designs, while brands such as Bosch or MagnaFuel specialize in fuel delivery systems designed specifically for performance use. No matter what your needs are, performance fuel pumps can help you achieve the maximum power output you desire from your engine.

Q: What is a performance fuel pump?

A: A performance fuel pump is designed to provide more fuel to your engine and support even extreme upgrades. It will give improved acceleration, horsepower, and power output.

Q: How do I choose the right fuel pump for my needs?

A: Look at factors such as flow rate (GPH or LPH), size, power input requirements, fitment availability, and durability when deciding on the best one for you. A high flow rate isn't always what to look for. You’ll also have to decide if an electric or mechanical fuel pump is better for your specific application. Make sure that the flow rate isn't too high or too low for our engine and other vehicle fuel system accessories.

Q: Is it easy to install a performance fuel pump?

A: Installing hoses, lines, and filters can be tricky - but with careful attention to detail comes reliable results. For added efficiency, make sure each connection has clamps at both ends. Moreover, when combining together two or more hoses, ensure that the flow rate is adequate for your needs!

Q: How do I get the most out of my performance fuel pump?

A: Get the correct flow rate for your engine requirements and make sure all wires are correctly connected. Additionally, upgrade your fuel injectors to match your pump so you can unlock the full potential of your engine and use running hoses safely.

Q: What other ways can I boost my vehicle's horsepower without upgrading the fuel system?

A: Other ways to boost your vehicle's horsepower without upgrading the fuel system include improving your air intake, replacing the exhaust system, and using a higher octane fuel. Additionally, adding boosting devices such as nitrous oxide kits can also provide additional power. Finally, installing better spark plugs and wires can help improve engine performance.

Start Building your Perfect Fuel System Today

Now that you know all about performance fuel pumps and how they can take your ride to the next level, it’s time to start shopping for the right one for your needs. We have racing fuel pumps, and electric fuel pumps, as well as options for those that just want to add a little more power to their pedal. Most of our products come in easy-to-install kits with the necessary components you need. to get started. And when you’re ready to install it, our tips and tricks will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Not sure where to start or have more questions? Our staff is always happy to help with fuel pump questions– give us a call or download our e-book on setting up the perfect performance fuel system for your vehicle.