If you are interested for any reason in sending back your Snake Eater Performance (SEP) product, please review these policies and then contact Support@SnakeEaterPerformance.com and request the Return Mailing Address Form (RMA)

***All returns are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee; Any item that the purchaser wishes to be returned must be in "Brand New/Unused" condition to receive a full refund, less the restocking fee. Products being returned must be in original packaging, contain all items included when purchased (hardware, o-rings, gaskets, stickers etc.), items missing will be charged against the refund amount, in addition to the 15% restocking fee. Restocking fee will be waived at the discretion of Snake Eater Performance Inc. and does not apply to individual warranty items.

***We WILL NOT and CANNOT refund by any means other than the initial purchase method. Other means of refund will not be considered. (Items returned after 120 days of purchase can only be issued store credit for the refunded amount, we CANNOT issue payment back to your original form of payment after that time). 

***Items which are potentially a warranty issue will be reviewed by the SEP Team and a full report will be created. If all items are within advertised specifications or if there is clear user inflicted damage (Methanol, MTBE on any unapproved fuel usage, unfiltered fuel, Electrical system failures etc.) then the refunded amount will reflect the situation and a report will be made available to you.

***Snake Eater Performance is only responsible for fitment when the product is being used for it's intended "OEM Application" according to it's OEM part number. Use outside of the OEM part number is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure proper use, fitment and operation of parts before and after purchase. Improper or outside of specified use of SEP products is the responsibility solely of the purchaser. Using an OEM fuel filter is NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure they are using at least a 10micron, In-line AFTERMARKET fuel filter that is compatible with their fuel. 

***Check Engine Light and CEL Codes in relation to installation of an SEP product are the responsibility of the purchaser, SEP will ensure all parts are ready for lifetime operation and capable of being easily tuned in the OEM applications listed. If used outside of the listed application the purchaser assumes responsibility of ensuring proper, safe operation. If other non OEM fitments are listed, it is simply as a benefit to the customer and does not endorse use outside of the intended application.