Free Fuel System Design E-Booklet

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Everything you need to know about building your fuel system!

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In this info-packed e-book, we cover it all:
Determining your fuel needs (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption)
Fuel line diameter
Fuel pump size
Fuel pump style
Fuel pump quantity
Fuel injector flow
Fuel injector style
Fuel injector plug types
Fuel injector impedance
Fuel filters Fuel cell vs fuel tank
Fuel line schematics
Scratch-building fuel systems

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"How to Design and Build Your High Horsepower Fuel System" has diagrams and lists to help you figure out which fittings you'll need for your fuel system. It also shows you how to create a "hybrid" OEM/aftermarket fuel system by re-using most of your old fuel system with a few new parts – letting you support massive power on a low budget!

Save time, money and frustration!

Don't waste your time ordering the wrong parts and then having to return them. Grab your copy of "How to Design and Build Your High Horsepower Fuel System" now – it’s your ticket to designing and building your own fuel system with confidence.