These are some testimonials from just a few of our now 7,000+ happy customers!

-Matt Ryce DNR Auto/Shitbox Supply and Televised Getaway Driver



"Snake Eater Performance is the real deal.   There are so many companies these days that offer cheap products, make big claims but rarely deliver and customer service is nonexistent.  My experience with Snake Eater Performance has been OUTSTANDING. SEP was right there to help me out. Quick and intelligent responses to my questions.  Thank you for that.  You sell a top quality product for a great price and offer excellent customer support.   Keep it up.   I will send everyone your way that I can.  My 1946 Ford truck with a 6.0 LS (NA, cam, springs, 4L80 with a 3200 stall, TermX Max) is a blast to drive.  I’ll admit, I was worried that the 1000’s were going to be way too much for it as it is now, but you assured me it will be fine.  She idles and runs great!  Actually better than it did with the stock injectors (admittedly, very old).  At some point, the truck is going to get some gentle forced induction, but not yet.  And when that happens, I’m all set with the injectors.

Thanks again! David R."


 "@lukecubiotti and myself got 1 and 2 What a great day. Car ran great and was a problem for the others car at the event but everyone did awesome. Both of these car are running @snakeeaterperformance 1500cc deka injectors. Clearly they work!!! Thanks @thompson__motorsports for the motor this things a beast. Can’t wait for the next race." -From Instagram @rj_lattuca
"I've owned two sets of SEP injectors the 1000cc deka and now the 1400cc gb series. Tuned by myself on a decades old ecu platform these injectors have exceeded every expectation! They provide tremendous value and SEP customer service is excellent.
1990 VW Jetta VR6 Turbo" -Cody G.
"Just wanted to send some pics and videos of my project that's been a long time coming.  It's a 1962 fairlane 4 door with a 4.8, BTR cam, 80mm vsracing turbo, SEP1500s, holley terminator x and a 4l80e.  It made it's maiden voyage this week and I couldn't be happier.  The engine fired so quickly when I hit the key I was terrified.  Can't thank you guys enough and I tell everyone about how well these injectors operate straight out of the box.  This was my first fuel injected build that I've done from scratch and I've got to say between the information available online and aftermarket support from companies like Snake Eater it couldn't have been easier.  I even had a problem with my fuel system and Snake Eater took care of me like I've been a customer for years! Update the factory 8" rear axle lasted about 3 weeks before it twisted a shaft in half during a 70 mph burnout! Wouldn't have changed it for the world! Thank you guys again!" -Trevor Ward
"In 2019 I bought 8 Snake Eater 850CC Injectors (SD style 3").
My experience with fuel injection was 0 ! I'm into small blocks with single or dual carb setups and with Sloppy Mechanics showing me how EFI / LS motors work I put together my own EFI kit for my SBC. Your product has been nothing but exceptional. I even contacted you a year later for injector data and you sent me what you had which was really great. Whenever I hear anyone talking about spending thousands of dollars for injectors I tell them to check if you have something that could work or be adapted or to see what they can get through you. My next project will certainly have another set.Take care. -James
SEP CUSTOMER VIDEO: Matt From Sloppy Mechanics on youtube does a cold start and idle in his LS Swapped G35.
 "It's Andrew D.,  I cannot remember the injector size I got but I have my single turbo farm truck sleeper running on them and they are freaking awesome,  they were huge injectors I think 150lbs hr. And it even idles perfectly. Great products.  Keep up the awesome support too, it took me a year to install them and I needed the dwell time and all that stuff for the computer and you sent it back to me I think the same day. Talk about awesome support. Your awesome and the work you do is superb. Please don't ever change." -Andrew D.
"Hey man I ordered some 850s from you quite a while back and the truck runs like a top. I appreciated your responsiveness when I had questions and also your support to the sloppy community. Although people talk shit on the product because they aren’t the most expensive or you don’t have stickers all over big time race teams you have great stuff. Keep up the good work and on my next build I know who to call." -Shane S.
"Well  I have to  say  first off your  customer service is  AMAZING 👏,  AND almost as good as your  products..... I  have a 79 k5 with a mild  6.0ls   450lph   comp cams  ls1 269lr  cam  and a 4l60e with 2600 stall  converter  . Purchased  a set of your  sep 600cc  ,I'm new to  the  hole   tuning  thing  but  between  your   staff and the  terminator  x max    my blazer  ripps  ,  thank you for your  help and  your  bad ass products  .... forever customer" - James
"04 CTSV Ls6 LSA swap
Snake Eater LS3/LSA 1000cc injectors
Start and idle great cold or hot
No issues 600+ whp
Thanks for a great product at a great price." -Brad H.
SEP CUSTOMER VIDEO: Turbo Sand Rail making a dirt drag pass
"I bought your product and they worked as they should..I like the communication. You actually interact and answer questions.  Offer solutions if there is a problem.. I plan to upgrade to bigger injectors on my next build and it will be fed by Snake Eater Performance ..Keep up the great work and customer service." -Carl W.
"Brad and his crew are beyond helpful and the customer service received is second to none.  I had previously purchased a set of truck injectors for a turbo build and ended up swapping to an LSA setup instead. Brad was willing to exchange the injectors to make sure I had the right set. I couldn’t ask for anything else from a company. Absolutely top notch and wouldn’t hesitate buying another set or recommending them to friends and family. " -Allen J.
SEP CUSTOMER VIDEO: LSTTChevelle does a 4th of July celebratory burnout in Canada!
"i just ordered another 102mm tb for my z06 i have ordered 3 or 4 of them for different cars and they are amazing with boost or all motor and i also run all your injectors and my tuner likes tuning them he says the injector data you give is good... keep up the good work bro you are killing it and ill continue to keep sending people your way" -Danny G.
"Brad's a busy guy. He has personally replied several times to any stupid question I've asked. I have his injectors in my car and a couple other builds I've put together for friends and customers. With the drop down in Holley EFI, they're a no brainer. They're the best value I've found, and I won't run anything else. Keep up the great work!" -Pete A.
SEP CUSTOMER VIDEO: SEP GB Premium Injectors on a methanol Small Tire NT car built by PTS Fab.
"You guy are so helpful.  The turn around on my injector service was 7 day from door back to my door. Awesome communication.  I couldn't have been happier.  I will be buying new injectors from you in the future. Thank you very much. "-SEP Injector Service Customer
Overall I am very happy with the company, and the injectors. I just got the car running and I am working through the tune currently. But they have been amazing so far. I'm very happy with them… With that being said I will buy again and recommend these injectors to people… -Jacob.
 "I bought the 1000cc injectors for my turbo LS 70 Chevelle to replace my 80lb injectors. I threw a tune in my Holley and it fired right up. Car has been a best of 11.50, not bad for a full weight full interior ice cream getter. And it’s on low boost at 6psi. Can’t wait to turn it up with some e85 and more boost. -Brad W. P1Group Service Tech
"...I purchased the SEP 1500 injectors quite some time ago. I've been running E85 through them and have had absolutely zero issues, even if the car sits for a couple of months. They run flawlessly, allow for a clean idle, even on a 5.3 liter engine, and allow for enough fuel to feed my power goals to eventually run high 8's in the 1/4 mile. If I ever need another fuel injector, I will definitely be purchasing them through you.
Sincerely," Bryan K.
"Hi Brad, I am extremely satisfied with your injectors, I am running them in a S14 with an RB25. They were easy to tune and perform flawlessly. Recommended you to my friend Greg and he got a set of your 600cc for his R33. Thank you for being an excellent company with a quality product for a reasonable price."-Mac S.
"I purchased SEP 1500cc Deka height injectors to use on my 6 Liter turbo LS on E85. I have ran SEP injectors for 2 years and have never had an issue with them. Cold starting, Hot starting, running on a road course for 20 min at a time, blasting down the ¼ mile, or just driving the car around town they have worked without issue. I would buy SEP injectors again." -Nick B.



"Good morning, I am very happy with the LS 1500 injectors I purchased the data sheet given was spot on and I was able to input that information into my micro squirt and idle is nearly perfect.
Thank you for a great product and I will definitely be purchasing from snake eater performance again." -Vanessa K