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SEP Billet Inline Stainless Fuel Filter (10 micron)

SEP Billet Inline Stainless Fuel Filter (10 micron)


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Snake Eater Performance Billet aluminum 10 Micron stainless filters are rated for: 100psi fuel pressure, 10 micron filtration and are made from high quality stainless for use with alternative fuels.

Protect your investment by using an approved 10 Micron Filter for your fuel system!

Most OEM filters ARE NOT rated for the pressures require by boosted applications!

Most Filters DO NOT actually filter 10 microns like they say!

Most Filters ARE NOT rated for ethanol!

It is necessary to upgrade your fuel systems filter capabilities any time you are increasing flow, base pressure, boost referencing pressure or adding new injectors.

-8 AN Female threaded ends for ease of adaptability.

-8 AN Orb to 3/8" Barb fittings available for stock soft line applications! Just splice into your existing fuel lines!!!