About Snake Eater Performance

What’s powering Snake Eater Performance

Before our founder Brad started Snake Eater Performance (SEP), he served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets. The Green Berets are an elite fighting force that became known as “Snake Eaters” back in the 1960s, when they demonstrated their survival skills to then-President John F. Kennedy. 

As a company, Snake Eater Performance strives to represent the Special Forces principles of discipline, empathy, ethics, honor, and above all, performance. We seek to provide exceptional value and top-quality products, plus outstanding service to our customers.

The SEP logo depicts a Green Beret with a snake in his mouth, driving a blown 1962 Chevy II, one of Brad’s project cars.

We serve your high-performance fuel-injection needs – for less

Snake Eater Performance specializes in high-performance fuel injection products for the modern racer who likes to do his or her own wrenching. By eliminating several layers of middlemen, SEP can deliver exceptional value at a variety of price points – just compare our prices. 

Flow-matching Services, Now Standard 

An extra benefit of buying from Snake Eater Performance? Our injector flow-matching service, included with every set of injectors. 

Our computerized state-of-the-art injector testing and calibration equipment from ASNU, the leader in matching technology, guarantees a perfectly flow-matched set, ready to bolt on and make your car perform. Your personalized flow report is included with your injectors.

Snake Eater also stores your injector data for any future needs. If you should require a replacement injector, we can send you a perfect match that will quickly get you back onto the road, the track, the trails, or the strip. 

We’re a trusted partner to major fuel injection manufacturers

Don’t take our word for it – well-known fuel injection equipment manufacturers keep coming back. 

Bosch Performance Aftermarket awarded us the opportunity to collaborate on a premium line of injectors and fuel pumps (SEP’s Bosch-based GB line), which are made in Germany, unlike many other products.

Holley Performance reached out to us for a collaboration in which we pre-loaded SEP injector data into Holley’s brand-new Terminator X ECUs. The recognition from this sent SEP into the Top 5 injector brands.

It’s all about our customers

At Snake Eater Performance, we truly appreciate our customers. Our quality products, flow-matching service, lifetime warranty, and excellent customer service are proof of our dedication to you. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share your recent project with us, you are welcome to reach out to us anytime at support@snakeeaterperformance.com or by phone at (808) 262-5928 (note that we are on Hawaiian Aleutian time).